Saturday, November 20, 2010 Couple Creates Internet Poll on Whether or Not They Should Abort

Abortion is normally a sensitive subject, and many couples choose to handle the matter privately. Well, one couple is stepping outside of the norm and relying on the public to help them decide whether or not they should abort their 17 week old fetus/baby. That's right, abortion has now become like a reality show and the public gets to vote on who makes it to the next round. Peter and Alisha Arnold have created the website where they have given a detailed description of their personal situation and why they are contemplating abortion. Their site features a simple poll which asks, "Should we give birth or have an abortion?" The two options are "give birth" and "have an adoption" but people are offering far more advice than that. People seem to be furious with the couple, and others are just desperate to "save" the baby in question. Some have even offered to adopt the baby from the couple. So far, they have received 189,798 votes. Nearly 68 percent of those votes were in favor of the "give birth" option. The couple will close the poll on December 7th, and they claim December 9th is the last day their state will allow them to legally have an abortion.

I'm not so sure what to think about this story. I mean, it seems as if the couple's reasons for contemplating abortion(which are listed on their site) aren't really all that logical. I mean, they are gushing...posting ultrasound pictures and everything as if they will keep the child, yet they still have "questions." The child is healthy and they have even nicknamed the baby boy "Wiggles." Part of me wonders if this could just be an internet hoax designed to bring awareness to abortion rights and etc, but I digress. Have a look, and decide for yourself....

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