Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breaking News!!!!

Hello heartbreakers! I am back with two special announcements.

Announcement# 1:
As some of you already know...I loveee music. I have predicted the rise of many music greats before they even blew up or had record deals. I swear...I should be a talent scout or something because I would make a killing discovering stars. With that in mind, I would like to announce a new addition to my blog! I will now add a weekly post called "Feature Artist of the Week." I plan to share a new artist every week that I feel has the "it factor" and will def go places in the industry. Some posts will include interviews with the artists, others will simply include info about them and why they rock! These artists will range from unsigned and undiscovered to people who are up and coming performers with record deals. I will occasionally talk to "big name" artists who I feel deserve more "shine" in the industry as well.

Announcement# 2:
I will work harder within the next few weeks to add more of my Youtube videos to this site because I would like for them to become more connected. With that said, I will be doing a weekly video segment called "Reality Roundup." In the segment... I will basically give my take on all of the top reality shows of the week. This show will be similar to E! News or talk soup...something along those lines. I will be sure to post those videos here weekly for you all to enjoy!

I will likely introduce the new additions in December or early January! Stay tuned...and have a great Holiday weekend guys!

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