Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hair Is Sort of A Big Deal...

Okay folks, so here I am at midnight stressing over what to do with my hair. Let me I'm in the process of going natural, and have gone 5 months without a relaxer at this point. My hair is currently long and healthy, but I've been feeling the urge to big chop lately. Other times I feel the urge to just let it keep growing and wait until I have more new growth before chopping off my relaxed ends. I will have to come back later this week and fill you all in on my transition journey. I have tons of Youtube videos about it, but I haven't updated this blog with those links yet(sorry).

But anyway...I think for now I will buy a new lace front and then wear that for a while until I make up my mind on this whole cutting thing. I've never had short hair, so cutting it would be very traumatic. The beauty of being a woman...insert sarcasm here ;)

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