Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My favorite Celebrities With Gap Toothed Smiles

The other day I promised to add a list of my favorite "Gappies," and as promised...here it is. The list is broken down into several categories...enjoy! Feel free to hit up the comment section and let me know who your favorite gap tooth grins are :)

Best "Old School" Gaps:

Natalie Cole:
She's the daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole, and her smile is surely unforgettable. This Grammy award winning singer is over 60 years old and still looks like she is in her 20's!

The material girl has let it be known that she loves her gap! The gap is said to provide power and wealth...this mega star has both!

Lauren Hutton:
This famous actress and model is one of the first celebrities to boldly sport her gap.

Pam Grier:
She kept the big screen very foxy with her miniature gap. This 70's icon oozed sex appeal and showed the world that gaps could be more than beautiful!

Brigitte Bardot:
The celebrity was also well known for sex appeal despite having a gap!

Condeleezza Rice:
You can't deny the power of her gap...to do so would be a bad political move ;)

Susan L. Taylor:
Essence Magazine founder Susan Taylor has also been an icon to women out there with gaps! She wears hers with confidence, and has refused to let the industry change her views on having a gap.


Best "New School" Gaps:

Anna Paquin:
She is the star of HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood," and her role as Sooki Stackhouse has allowed her to take a bite out of what Hollywood considers traditional beauty standards!

Vanessa Paradis:
This French model, actress, and performer has taken the world by storm with her smile. She made my list not because of her looks per se, but because of her "swagger!" She might not be the most attractive woman out there, but she snagged one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood...Johnny Depp! They have been together for twelve years, and have a daughter. Her huge gap was enough to win over Johnny, so she had to make my list of favorite "gappies."

Danielle Evans:
She won America's Next top model a few years back, but this covergirl faced a tough dilemma. When she originally auditioned for the show, her gap was very large. She was a great contestant and Tyra told her to close her gap in order to win the competition. Well, Danielle did not want to close her gap because she felt like it was a big part of her identity. She eventually gave in and decided to make the gap smaller instead. As a result, Tyra chose her as the winner. While I think she has nice teeth now, I think they would have been better if she made the gap a bit larger than what it is in the picture above. It barely looks like she even has a gap now. Still, there is a slight gap there, so I thought she would be a nice asset to my list. She gets points for somewhat sticking to her guns and not completely closing her gap for Tyra. Although, with gaps being en vogue now, I have to wonder if she regrets making hers so small...

Jorja Fox:
She is the star of the hit show "CSI" & it would be a crime to deny the awesomeness of her gap!

Jessica Hart:
This Sports Illustrated model is doing more than bringing sexy back...she's bringing the gap back!

Melody Thornton:
Formerly a member of the girl pop group The Pussycat Dolls, always a member of the gap teeth rock club lol.

Hayley Williams:
This spunky rockstar has taken the world by storm. Her kick-ass attitude and vocals have made her stand out in the crowd. I think her gap really suits her well.

Georgia Jagger:
She's the daughter of rock star Mick Jagger, and she is heating up the modeling industry with her unique look. In fact, she is one of the models who is currently influencing the new gap tooth model trend. She isn't the most attractive person imo, but she's making strides.

Lara Stone:
She's another popular young model whose smile is causing a stir...in a good way of course. I find her to be really odd looking as well, but her influence on the industry is undeniable.
Therefore...I decided to add her to the list.


Men With Awesome Gaps:

Here's the thing, there are tons of men in hollywood with gaps. I don't care to highlight them simply because they get enough coverage already. There is a double standard in society where men can walk around missing teeth, crooked teeth, or anything else without being ridiculed. However, women are held up to a "higher" standard of perfection. If women have the "flaws" they are told to correct them. Meanwhile...the men are given an Oscar. With that said, I'm not going to shine the light on all of them gappy male celebrities because their "beauty" is celebrated far more than the gappy women. Still, I have chosen one man to highlight, and it is...
drum roll please....Michael Strahan!


People who shouldn't have "fixed" their gaps:

Demi Lovato:
This Disney star is pretty, but looked better with her gap. It is unfortunate that she caved in to the pressure to do well in Hollywood. She didn't need to have her teeth or anything else altered in my opinion. I think this sends a bad message to little girls who look up to her.

Keyshia Cole:
R&B sensation Keyshia Cole sported a small gap in the very beginning of her career. As soon as she blew up, she closed her gap. Of all the things to change...why the gap Keyshia...whyyyy???? I mean, she should have been more concerned with her tacky colorful weave and hoodrat demeanor. The gap was the least of her problems. I haven't really liked her since she got rid of the gap...lol. Her career has been going downhill, so maybe if she had her gap she would have better luck. Maybe she should pay her dentist a visit and get things reversed ;)

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  1. I know I'm super late, but I love gaps! I don't have one, but I think they're so cute. Micheal Strahan is my ultimate crush!