Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gap Teeth are Back!

As some of you already know I have a "gappy" Well according to the Wallstreet Journal, gaps are now en vogue! They recently published an article where they exposed the industry's new obsession with hiring gap toothed models, actresses, and etc. Casting directors are now looking for people who have gap teeth. Some models are even getting cosmetic surgery to add gaps in between their front teeth or to widen their existing gaps. As crazy as it might sound, this is something I actually saw coming.

Here's the thing, some people have an obsession with straight teeth, but those of us on "the inside" know the Quite frankly, I have never felt like my gap held me back in life. Of course when I was younger(10 or so) some guys would crack jokes about my teeth. But as soon as I hit puberty, those same boys were hitting on me and telling me how beautiful I was...go figure. It has been this way for most of my life. If gaps are soooo bad, then why am I constantly the recipient of tons of compliments daily(from both men and women)? Whenever I even mention getting rid of my gap, people complain and tell me to keep it. Many "gappies" also mention that they've had the same experience. Guys have told them how beautiful their gaps are and they are complimented regularly on their gaping grin. I don't think people should get braces unless they have a problem that effects their speech or ability to eat properly. Personally, my gap is a part of me and I would never want to get rid of it. I think it is beautiful, and you would be surprised just how many people feel the same way.

After doing Bridezillas, I noticed that there were some hateful viewers online putting me down because of my smile. These women were just looking for something to be negative about because they have nothing better to do. Most of them were well overweight, single, and a sight for sore eyes. Here's the thing...if you are going to put others down at least have your act together. Teeth don't determine someones beauty in my opinion. If a person is attractive, they will be attractive regardless of their teeth. If Halle Berry, Megan Fox, and Gabrielle Union had gaps, they would all still be gorgeous. With that said, I am happy to see more gap toothed people in the media.

However, I will admit that I dislike my overbite and it must go. I say this because it does effect the way I chew my food, and it impacts my speech. While it is not the end of the world, and people love my slight must be corrected. As a journalist, I need to sound crisp and clear. The lisp works for Drew Barrymore though. And if I weren't in this field, then I would probably love my lisp. I am currently in the process of preparing my teeth for braces(I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled before getting the braces put on).

These braces will fix my overbite/openbite, but I am dead set on keeping my gap...dead set! It will probably have to be made smaller once my teeth are pushed back into their proper place, but it will still be there. The dentists all think I'm crazy when I tell them that I don't want a "perfect" smile, but I could care less. The gap is here to stay, and thankfully others are now openly coming forward to celebrate the beauty of gaps. After all, it is a sign of power, wealth, and sex appeal. The gap was coveted hundreds of years ago. It is still a sign of sexiness in many cultures and countries all over the world. When hubby and I vacationed in Jamaica, everyone loved my gap. Probably because most of the people there had gaps too. Gaps seem to be a very common natural trait in the black community. While my gap was caused by finger sucking, there are people in my family that have natural gaps...big and small. It's a beautiful thing and "flaws" make us all perfectly imperfectly perfect.

(My next blog will be a countdown of the top out there)


  1. I used to have a gap, and then I got braces. I miss my gap sometimes because it made me unique. Funny thing is, people never noticed my gap. I would bring it up in a conversation, and they would be like "you have a gap"? Then I would open my mouth and show them. LOL. Most guys didn't care. They still thought I was pretty.