Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog...I don't know you like that!

Hubby and I have been working out regularly for about two months now. Well, tonight we went for our usual jog, and things got ugly! We were going about our normal route, but hubby wanted to detour into an area that we normally don't walk through. I knew immediately that it wasn't going to end well! Why you ask...well because there was a dog in the distance. You see, I am not an "animal person." I am very picky about germs and dirty creatures crawling all over me and The dog was on a leash, and hubby ensured that he would stand beside me so the dog wouldn't be able to attack me if it somehow got loose. I decided to give in, and walk in that direction with the hopes that everything would be okay. Well, as soon as we got close to the family, they then decided to take the dog off of the leash! And wouldn't you know, the thing immediately ran away from it's owner and started charging towards me full speed ahead. It had a very evil and crazed look in it's eyes, as if it was on a mission to attack me! It didn't even go near my hubby, but instead ran straight to me! I saw my life flash before my eyes! All I could think about was the movie Cujo, and this dog's teeth were frighting! Hubby tried to get the dog away, but it wouldn't stop. It kept jumping on me and acting very crazed. It was almost like the dog was hopped up on Red Bull and steroids. The owners couldn't even control it! I kept screaming desperately at the owners, "get it away from me...I don't like dogs at all...someone please make it stop...HELP!" I tried to remain calm and stood still the entire time, partially out of shock, and partially because I thought it would calm the dog down.

I was so upset that the damn owners were not even running over to help. They kept saying, "Oh he won't bite," and etc. First off, how can they say what the dog won't do?? You can't predict when an animal is going to snap! And secondly, even if it wasn't going to bite me, I still feel very violated. The dog should have remained on a leash in the first place. The owners were acting as if it was no big deal for their dog to attack someone. However, I am the one who now feels violated. It infuriates me when pet owners take this sort of tone with me after their dog touches me. They then have the nerve to get offended because I am not comfortable with their dog touching me or coming too close. Pet owners need to realize that everyone isn't going to perceive Fido, the raging pit bull as cute and cuddly. People like myself want you to keep your filthy creatures within a reasonable distance. This means, I don't want them licking me, sniffing me, jumping on me, or even grazing me with their tails as they walk Do us all a favor, and keep your animal on a leash.

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